Stellar Skin & Laser: A Boutique MedSpa

1Many women promise themselves that they’ll grow old gracefully, and never go “under the knife”. That’s an easy vow to keep, until the aging process begins and those women start to look like their mothers – or even their grandmothers. Fortunately, thanks to science and technology, surgery is no longer the only option.

This is where Stellar Skin and Laser comes in, to save the day. With their broad range of services, this “boutique med-spa” offers results-driven treatments like those normally only offered by plastic surgeons. From Botox and fillers to laser hair removal and medical grade facials and peels, Stellar Skin and Laser is the preferred facial rejuvenation spa by women all over the East Valley. In fact, owner Cindi Kerzie, RN, CMLT, is the only one in the Phoenix area offering the specialized “Rewind” procedure, which can take five to ten years off of your face, without surgery, in one treatment!

The Rewind uses a combination of technologies, beginning with a resurfacing treatment and including a “Vampire Facelift”, which is the most natural, serious treatment for your face. A couple of weeks after your Rewind, your own collagen begins to rebuild itself and the process takes years off of your face, permanently. The combination of the two technologies causes a stunning synergistic result.

There are so many reasons to opt for the more natural rejuvenation processes offered by Stellar Skin and Laser, most important of which are the costs and the pain involved in plastic surgery. 

And, technology has improved so much that they can get great results, without the extended downtime. With surgery, you have to plan on anywhere from one to six months of downtime for a face and neck lift. But even the most aggressive treatment from Stellar Skin and Laser will take less than a week to look great, with no oozing or special creams, and no stitches.

Another advantage to going the natural route is that a facelift is only good for ten to fifteen years. The Rewind treatment buys you time and you may end up deciding, in later years, that you don’t need a facelift because you’re happy with your results.

Even if you’re not ready for anything heavy duty, Stellar Skin can help you to look healthier and vibrant with their medical quality facials and laser hair removal. They also offer weight loss treatments like phentermine and HCG, B12 injections and ultrasound cavitation fat reduction, which can help you to lose two to five inches in one treatment – painlessly and permanently.

And, if acne is a problem, they offer teen facials and other options that can clear it up in a couple treatments. Acne scars, both new and old, can also be treated, with terrific results.

Common sense ways to keep skin looking young and healthy – drink plenty of water, get enough sleep, remove makeup at night – only go so far. So if you would like to age naturally, but not look old, Stellar Skin and Laser has lots of options that make your skin look more refreshed, healthier and more glowing.