Extremely Helpful Tips To Manscape Safely

With manscaping becoming more accepted, and now even down right required by some woman, t is important for a man to understand the importance of preparing such a sensitive area for a shave or waxing. Manscaping is much more involved thn just shaving your nether regions. There is a lot of care and consideration taken by anyone preforming a Manscape on someone. So don’t be scared guys! Do a little prep work as mentoned in this article and everything will come out smoothly!

The Final Frontier?

Ten years ago ‘downstairs’ grooming was
pretty much the final frontier in terms of keeping up appearances. But
with the recent growth of interest in manscaping, all eyes have shifted
southwards in the pursuit of neat and tidy nether regions.

So much
so that, according to a recent survey by Gillette, one in five men now
sport a close trim down below (though given that the survey also showed
that 92 per cent of women prefer a man with a tidy trunk line, the other
four fifths might want to consider some pubic topiary, too).

fact, a whole industry has developed around keeping men’s tackles clean
and fresh, so grooming below the belt isn’t so much an eyebrow-raising
oddity, as a practice you should probably consider taking up.

So, here’s everything you wanted to know about ‘down below’ grooming but were too afraid to ask.

Shaving Private Ryan

to the popularity of beards, I can’t think of another grooming trend
that’s proved as popular as the removal of body hair (also known as
‘manscaping’), especially in the pubic area.

There are lots of
reasons for this – trends in porn, pressure from partners and the fabled
‘optical inch’ pubic hair removal supposedly provides have all been
cited – but the bottom line is that some men just prefer the way it
looks and feels.

“Hair-free skin can certainly feel cooler and
fresher, and also helps to reduce body odour, especially during hot and
humid weather,”
says body waxing expert Andy Rouillard, owner of Axiom Men’s Grooming Salon. “As for anything below the belt; nobody likes to see sideburns poking out the side of a pair of trunks, do they?”

So, if you fancy trimming, shaving or waxing, here are a few simple pointers:

1. Trim Before You Shave

light trim is often all that’s needed to neaten pubic hair, but if you
want an altogether smoother look, and are using a razor to achieve it,
trim the hair back first with a specialist device like the Philips
Bodygroom, Braun CruZer6 Body, Wahl Body Groomer or the King of Shaves
Prostyle Bodystyler.

Read More Here: http://www.fashionbeans.com/2015/the-below-the-belt-grooming-guide/

The History of Woman’s Beauty

My how our ideas and ideals on beauty in woman have changed of the years. This awesome article takes a look at how throughout time the ideas of beauty in woman have changed drastically. From the idea that woman were extensions of men and supposed to look as much like men as possible to some of the ideals that we carry today. What can you do to change the face of beauty tomorrow?

The best part about this article is that it shows a bit more about the people who were making these sorts of decisions at the time and how society has changed so much around hollywood and media. This makes an interesting point that beauty is very much in the eye of the beholder. What we are coming to realize that the main “beholder” is you!

The people over at BuzzFeed made an informative and interesting video depicting the desirable body types for women throughout history.

As you can see, the standard caliber for what is considered beautiful
has significantly changed throughout the years, along with the places
where these idealized body types come from.

BuzzFeed categorizes the types of beauty int 11 eras.

View the entire article here: http://www.ijreview.com/2015/02/244465-society-considered-idolized-female-body-types-throughout-history/