Med Spa Services | Chandler, AZ

Stellar Skin & Laser is able to offer an extensive list of services to residents in or near Chandler, AZ due to our stellar staff. We have aestheticians, medical staff, healing arts specialists, and laser technicians all in one place.

Cindi is the owner of Stellar Skin & Laser, a Registered Nurse, and laser certified. She specializes in Botox, Restylane, Juvederm, Perlane, ultrasound cavitation fat reduction, RF skin tightening, laser hair removal, laser resurfacing, and photofacials. Cindi also oversees and administers Latisse, HCG, and our other health and beauty injectables. Under Cindi and our medical director, our staff is able to offer medical grade treatments in addition to our spa treatments.

Our office is easily accessible from Chandler and surrounding areas.  [CALL TODAY FOR MORE INFORMATION] 480-313-1951

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