Ionic Foot Detox

The CDC reports that up to 85% of all illnesses are caused by toxins and pollutants in our bodies. The human body functions best when the ions are balanced at 80% negative and 20% positive. What we put into our bodies, such as the foods we consume, have either acidic or alkalizing properties. An ionic detox helps to facilitate the alkalization process through the process of ionization, which removes free radicals from the body.

$49 / series of 6 $229

Infrared Sauna

It makes the same rays that come from the sun and filters out the UV radiation, so it only gives you the infrared radiation. That IR radiation goes a little bit into your skin so, without heating you up and the external environment too much, it heats the body up.

The high temperature helps lower blood pressure and increase blood circulation. “It gets your heart to beat faster, and it burns calories,” Dr. Oz says. “It raises your metabolism a little bit, and you sweat out toxins through the skin.”

30 min

60 min

(5) 30 min sessions

(10) 30 min sessions

(5) 60 min sessions

(10) 60 min sessions

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