The sun has always been such an integral part of our existence. Cultures have worshipped it, we are alive because of its location and now we are learning to harness its power in many different ways. With solar energy, we can power whole cities and also we can now reverse sun damage and treat other skin maladies with the LED light treatment therapy. It may seem counterintuitive but by separating light rays into red and blue and targeting specific areas for specific times, LED light can revolutionize the way you look!

Blue LED or light emitting diodes, can eliminate acne causing bacteria for a clearer complexion. Red LED’s can stimulate collagen production, making the skin appear younger and more elastic. This can also help make scars, wrinkles and stretch marks less noticeable.

Treatments are only thirty minutes long and will not cause harmful UV radiation. Talk to Stellar Skin and Laser if you have further questions on what LED therapy can do for you and how to get started!

Remember, treatments are only $39 a session! Don’t wait!

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