Does the word “waxing” make you wince? Don’t worry, it’s not as painful as you probably think. Definitely not as painful as what it takes to accomplish those near-Olympian feats at the gym every single day.



The nether-regions. The down-unders. The unmentionables. Rarely seen in the light of day, these below-the-belt body parts need love, too. This calls for a highly effective and relatively risk-free procedure, known in some circles as “The Boyzilian.” or ” Brozilian.” It’s not for the faint of heart.



You might meet a girl or two who like a hairy chest on their man. But it’s rare to find one who digs back hair.



For those without gym-toned pecs or abs, chest hair can be a good thing. A less than toned physique is forgiven by a protective layer of body hair. But if you regularly bench-press your own body weight, then the best way to show off your hard work is with a thorough waxing.



Contrary to popular belief among professional cyclists, shaving your legs doesn’t make you bike faster. In fact, there are no academic studies to show that clean-shaven legs will slice through air any better than hairy ones. But the more important question is this: which legs look better? That’s a matter of personal taste, not science.



… And If you’re really into the smooth look…

Brows, ears, nose


Really?? Need I say more?

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