If you’re still unsatisfied with your body after trying diet and exercise, there is something that can help. Ultra Cavitation Body Slimming is a safe and effective solution that can help actually eliminate fat and reshape your body!

So, what is ultra cavitation body slimming?

Through the use of a completely safe, low frequency ultrasound, fat cells implode and leave the system through the body’s natural metabolic system. By bursting the fat cells, triglycerides are allowed to be excreted through urine. This makes it less likely for you to gain weight again after the procedure because there are actually less fat cells!

Is the treatment painful?

Not at all. There may be some slight discomfort but it is only temporary. Anesthesia will not be used and there will be no cutting or scars. There is no surgery, just you a doctor and an applicator. Mild redness may occur but that is unlikely. However, be sure to go to a reputable center like Stellar Skin and Laser to ensure safety.

What’s the difference between laser liposuction and ultra cavitation?

Laser liposuction shrinks the fat cell, whereas ultra cavitation actually eliminates fat cells without any damage to the muscular, vascular or nervous systems.

What are some things I should do before/after the treatments?

A low calorie diet is essential as is staying hydrated. Be sure to drink at least 1.5 liters of water before and after the session. It is recommended that you do some light cardio after the treatment. It is important to follow all of these steps in order for the treatments to be effective.

How long should I wait in between sessions?

It is important to wait at least three days in between sessions, or do not do more than 2 sessions per week.

How many sessions are usually needed?

Most people need between 8 and 12 sessions but this is not a hard and fast rule.

When will I start seeing results?

You will start getting results with the first session but you will normally be able to start seeing the results after the third session.

How much is each session?

At Stellar Skin and Laser, the cost is $99 a session.

Are there any conditions or illnesses that would exclude someone from ultrasonic fat cavitation?

            • Anyone with a contagious disease

            •    Issues with kidney, heart or liver function

            •    People who have had an organ transplant

            •    Those with cancer

            • Those with a pacemaker

            •    Anyone with certain kinds of skin disease

            •    Metal implants/ other implant devices like metal joints, plates, pins or staples.

            •    Metal IUD’s (Intrauterine devices) 

            •    Pregnant or nursing women

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